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No. A-11019/36 /2008-Scor/673                                   New Delhi, dated 18.12.2008
Subject : - Maintenance of Service Book.
It has been observed that Service Books of Govt. Servant are not maintained properly as per instructions/Rules contained in SR and GFR. It is needless to emphasize that maintenance of Service Book in duplicate is necessary for all non-gazetted officials except those appointed against temporary vacancies of not more than a year and for all Gazetted Officers. First copy of Service Book shall be retained and maintained by the concerned Administrative Sections and second copy should be given to the Govt. Servant for the safe custody. Detailed rules for maintenance of Service Book are contained in SR 196 TO 203 and GFR 257(1) to (4). However the relevant Rules of GFR (2005) are reproduced below for information and guidance.
Rule 257.  (1): -Service Book-Detailed rules of maintenance of Service Book are contained in SR 196 to 203. Service Books maintained in the establishment should be verified every year by the Head of Office who, after satisfying himself that the service of Government Servants concerned are correctly recorded in each Service Book shall record the following certificate “Service verified from …..(the date record from which the verification is made)…..upto…..(date)…..”.
Rule 257.  (2): -The Service Book of a Govt. Servant shall be maintained in duplicate. First copy shall be retained and maintained by the Head of the Office and second copy should be given to the Govt. Servant for safe custody as indicated below:-
(a) To the existing employees- within six months of the date on which these rules become effective.
(b) To new appointees- within one month of the date of appointment.
Rule 257.  (3): - In January each year, the Govt. Servant shall handover his copy of the Service Book to his office for the updation. The office shall update and return it to the Government Servant within thirty days of its receipt.
Rule 257.  (4): - In case the Government Servant’s copy is lost by the Government Servant, it shall be replaced on payment of a sum of Rs.500.
All the concerned officers of Administrative Sections in this Directorate including P & D Unit, CCW, A.R. Unit and at AIR Stations/Offices are requested to strictly follow the instructions/Rules contained in SR & GFR for maintenance of Service Book.
                                                    Dy. Director Admn. (Scor)

1. SSWII/DD (A.R.)
2. All DDAs in DG AIR and DDO (A) in P & D Unit.
3. All Offices / Sections in Directorate including P & D Unit, A. R. Unit, and CCW.
4. Heads of all AIR Stations/Offices.
5. President, ARTEE, New Delhi.
6. All recognized staff Associations as per AIR Manual.


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