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F. No. Misc-1/112/2011-PPC                                     Date: 22.11.2011


It is brought to the notice of all employees serving in Prasar Bharati/All India Radio/Doordarshan that the guidelines for recognition of Service Associations Rules notified by DOP&T on the 5th of November, 1993 (OM No. 2/10/80-JCA (Vol. IV) dated 05.11.1993) are available on DOP&T website.

2. Those groups of employees who would like to form any Association and would like to follow the process of recognition are hereby advised to submit proper applications, complete in all respects in accordance with the above DOP&T’s O.M. dated 05.11.1993. within a period of three months from the date of issue of this notice and in any case not later than 29th of February, 2012 to Prasar Bharati Secretariat, for further action.

3. All Heads of Departments/Offices/Kendras/Stations of All India Radio, Doordarshan and CCW are requested to prominently display this notice on the Notice Board of the Office and the Action Taken Report in this regard may be sent to Manager (P) Prasar Bharati Secretariat latest by 01.12.2011 without fail.

4. This issues with the approval of the Competent Authority.

Tel.: 23352534
I.                   DG, Doordarshan
II.                 DG, All India Radio
III.               DG, (News) Doordarshan
IV.               DG, (News) NSD, AIR
V.                 CE, CCW, Delhi
VI.               DDG (T), Prasar Bharati for putting up on the Prasar Bharati website http:\\prasarbharati.gov.in
VII.              All Zonal DDGs of AIR with a request to forward a copy of this Circular to all offices within their jurisdiction
VIII.           All Regional DDGs of Doordarshan with a request to forward a copy of this Notice to all offices within their jurisdiction
IX.               All Head of Offices of AIR Stations through SCORE Section of DG: AIR
X.                 All Head of Offices of DDK Kendras through SCOR Section of DG: Doordarshan
Copy for information to: Sr. PPS to CEO, Prasar Bharati

Sr. No.
Condition for recognition of Association as per DOP&T norms
An application for recognition of Service Association to be made to the Government containing Memorandum of Association, Constitution, Bye-laws of the Association, Name of Office-Bearers, total membership and any other information as may be required by the Government;
A certificate to the effect that:
i) the Service Association has been formed primarily with the object of promoting the common service interest of its members;
ii) membership of the Service Association has been restricted to a distinct category of Government servants having common interest, all such Government servants being eligible for membership of the Service Association;
(i) The Association must represent minimum 35% of total number of a category of employees provided that where there is only one Association which commands more than 35% membership, another Association with second highest membership, although less than 35% may be recognized if it commands at least 15% membership;
(ii) The membership of the Government servant shall be automatically discontinued on his ceasing to belong to such category.
Government employees who are in service only shall be members or office bearers of the Service Association;
The Service Association shall not be formed to represent the interests, or on the basis, of any caste, tribe or religious denomination or of any group within or section of such caste, tribe or religious denomination;
The executive of the Service Association has been appointed from amongst the members only;
The funds of the Service Association consist exclusively of subscriptions from members and grants, if any, made by the Government and are applied only for the furtherance of the object of the Service Association.
Guidelines for recognition of Federation of Service Associations/Unions:-
The administrative Ministries/Departments may consider granting recognition to Federations with the approval of the Minister-in-charge subject to the condition that the affiliated Unions/Associations are recognized under the Central Civil Services (Recognition of Service Associations) Rule, 1993. For this purpose, following documents are required to be submitted by the Federation seeking recognition:
i.                     Constitution and buy-laws
ii.                   Authorization letters of the Unions/Associations affiliated to the proposed Federation.
iii.                Membership of the individual affiliated recognized Unions/Associations based on the verification of membership under the check-off-system along with list of the office bearers, and the categories represented by them.
iv.                Names of the office bearers of the Federation.

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