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Transfer Policy For Prasar Bharati Employees

                                      Prasar Bharati
                        Broacasting Corporation Of  India
                               Prasar Bharati Secretariat
                                Sansad Marg,New Delhi
No.A-10/40/2007PPC                                  Dated the May 21st, 2010

Subject: Guidelines for transfer for employees of Prasar Bharati .

It has been observed that DG: AIR  and DG:Doordarshan while issuing transfer orders are not following the transfer policy in the true spirit.This leads to resentment amongst the officers/staff.There needs to be transparency while issuing transfer orders.Some of the major points to be kept in mind are as follows:-

i.Annual transfers are to be carried out prior to the academic session , as far as possible.

ii.All transfer requests should as far as possible be considered at the time of annual transfers except in really emergent cases.

iii.Transfers/postings of officials to or from Prasar Bharati Marketing Division and also those from AIR to Doordarshan and vice versa will be issued by Prasar Bharati Secretariat after CEO,s approval.

iv.The officials who have completed their tenure in a sensitive post should be transferred forthwith in case his/her name appears in agreed list or doubtful integrity list, his/her transfer should be effected in terms of rules on the subject.This will be the direct responsibility of the officer who is competent to issue transfer orders.

v.All staff working in normal stations/kendras may be transferred after completion of their normal tenure.However an officer should not be transferred for the sake of transfer only. Mere completion of tenure at a particular station should not be the sole reason for transfer. However, duly longer stay beyond the tenure period should be avoided.

vi. Those officers who complete their tenure at difficult stations should, as far as possible, be posted at their choice station/Kendra. For this they will give three stations/kendras of their choice, in order of preference.

vii.As far as possible both husband and wife should be posted at the same station/Kendra barring exigencies of work.

 viii.Transfer/postings effected on the advice/recommendation of vigilance wing,will not be reversed or such official will not be posted in sensitive areas of activities without consulting the vigilance wing.

ix.While effecting transfers/postings to the sensitive posts,a proper screening may be held and in case of any doubt ,vigilance wing be consulted.

x.Necessary directions may be issued to all Zonal heads to shift junior level officials one office to another within the same city to avoid long stay in a particular office/section.

xi.All transfer and work allocation proposals in respect of officers of SAG level and above are to be submitted by the concerned DG for approval to CEO, Prasar Bharati.

xii.Shifting of posts be avoided as far as possible.However if shifting of post is unavoidable due to exigencies of services, it should be done only with the approval of CEO,Prasar Bharati.

xiii.Any transfer not in conformity with the laid down policy should be made,in exigencies of work only and in exceptional cases. Data in this regard be kept and intimated to personnel wing of Prasar Bharati secretariat.

The above are not exhaustive directions to be followed for making transfers .The guidelines issued by the Ministry of I&B and Prasar Bharati sect,from  time to time regarding the transfer policy for employees of AIR and Doordarshan may also be kept in view,while effecting transfers.

This issue with the approval of the Chief Executive Officer, Prasar Bharati.
                                                                                            P K Pathak 
                                                                              General Manager(personnel)
                                                                                         Tel.  23352543

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