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Yet to be Confirmed but AAA PRO Wrote:-
You know that on 21st July Prasar Bharati Board meeting was there and in the meeting the Board Members decided to recommend our cadre restructuring issue. They will recommend our case to the four members Jt. Secy. Committee (I&B, Fin., Per., law). Meanwhile, we shall have to strengthen our Association; and here something to be said. Whenever, AAA progresses to a specific issue of Anncrs. Some back to square forces act simultaneously! Court cases, RTI, Blog, representation to DG as well as I&B Min. without prior notice to the President & the Secretary of AAA. Friends, we must not forget that our issue is CADRE RESTRUCTURING. Yes, for MACP and Association matter works are being done. You all know that for MACP Nutan Basisth ji has shouldered the responsibility. Some of our fellow colleagues may think that we are running after cadre restructuring only and least bothered about pay anomaly and pay up-gradation. No- simply no; we are ready to give representation to the four members Jt. Secy. Committee in due time because we know the difference between cadre restructuring and pay anomaly. In any case we want result & we are working for that. For all these association’s strength is needed. We once again appeal to you all please be united and please do not indulge split.
Friends, Announcers from all states will sit together soon in AAA Executive Body meeting to solve the problem. Till then let us be united. For any query please be in touch with Manoj Kanti, Smt. V.Sadhana, President (09849416198) & M. Chandrasekhar, Gen. Secretary (09246108108).
Manoj Kanti Dev

DG:AIR, F.No.10/3/2009-SVIII (Vol.II)/743                   New Delhi dated 15.12.2009
Subject:Representation of Akashvani Announcers Association-regarding pay upgradation of Akashvani Announcers.
Reference Prasar Bharati Secretariat's letter No. Misc.-1/128/2007-PPC dated 10.09.09 on the subject noted above.
2.In this connection, a proposal for cadre review of Announcers of All India Radio is forwarded herewith to Prasar Bharati Secretariat for necessary action.
(Naresh Jaiswal)
Dy. Director of Admn.

Prasar Bharati Sectt.(Sh. Dinesh Kumar, Astt. Manager), PTI Building, New Delhi

2nd Floor, PTI Building,
Sansad Marg, New Delhi.
No. Misc.-1/128/2007-PPC                                                   Dated: 04.01.2010
Subject:Representation of Akashvani Announcers Association-regarding pay upgradation of Akashvani Announcers.
Reference DG:AIR letter No. 10/3/2009-S-VIII (Vol.II) dated 15.12.2009 on the subject noted above.
2. DG:AIR vide above said letter has fowarded a proposal for cadre review of Announcers of AIR. The same has been examined in this Secretariat.It is requested to clarify the following points:
(i) whether the said proposal has been approved by DG,AIR.
(ii)Calculation of financial implication is not clear.
(iii)Whether the guidelines of DoP&T (copy enclosed) regarding cadre review has been followed.
3.It is also requested to forward draft agenda note for upgradation of pay of Announcer of AIR for obtaining approval of Prasar Bharati Board.

Tel : 23737662
Encl.As above :-
Shri Raj Kamal,

DG:AIR, I.D.No.10/3/2009-S-VIII (Vol.II)/338               New Delhi, dated:03.06.2010

Subject: Representation of Akashvani Announcers Association- regarding Pay Upgradation of Akashvani Announcers.
Reference Prasar Bharati Secretariat's leetter No.Misc.-1/128/2007-PC dated 04.01.2010 on the subject cited above.
Enclosed please find herewith points to be considered inclusion in/revision of the proposal for restructuring of the cadre of Announcers in All India Radio alongwith financial implications for consideration by Prasar Bharati Board.
The clarification on the points given in the Prasar Bharati Secretariat's letter dated 04.01.2010 referred as above are given as under:-
(i) Yes,Sir.
(ii) Statement containing financial implication prepared in consultation with integrated finance division of Akashvani Directorate is enclosed.
(iii) Guidelines to be followed for cadre review, as enclosed with the communication dated 04.01.2010 of P.B. Secretariat, are applicable to the cadre review of the Group"A" services.In the instant case, all the points mentioned theirein are not applicable.Efforts have however,been made to follow the broad policy guidelines and instructions issued by DOP&T and MoF (Department of Expenditure) for preparing the present proposal.
Encl.: As Above.                                                                                                               
A K Lal
Dy. Director of Admn.
For Director General

Sh.B.K.Saha,Manager(Pers.) P.B.Secretariat, PTI Building, Sansad Marg, New Delhi.

The Cadre –Restructuring Proposal For Announcers Of AIR, In Brief Approved By D.G., AIR On 03/06/2010
Akashvani Announcers Association has been representing from time to time against the pay-anomaly between the entry grade pay scale of Announcers (Rs. 5000-8000 Pre-Revised) and the Transmission Executives (Rs. 5000 – 8000 Pre-revised) arising out of up-gradation of pay–scale of Transmission Executives ordered by Ministry of I & B vide order No. 310/173/97-B(D) dated 25/02/1999. The demands have been examined in the detail in the enclosed proposal and the following proposal has been recommended for consideration.
“Existing Pay-Structure along with the distribution of cadre strength”.
Announcer Grade – IV : 392
(Rs. 5,000-8,000)
Announcer Grade – III : 588
(Rs. 5,000-9,000)
Announcer Grade – II : 109
(Rs. 6,500-10,500)
Announcer Grade – I :    20
(Rs. 10,000-15,200)
                     Total : 1109
Under ADRP scheme, as many as 122 posts of Announcers-Grade IV have been treated as abolished by Ministry of I & B for the years 2000 to 2007, it has been considered appropriate that the cadre strength of Announcers of AIR, should be taken as 987 ( 1109-122) to be distributed as follows:-
(a) Announcer Grade – I :  100
(b) Announcer Grade – II : 300
(c) Announcer Grade –III : 587
                            Total : 987
While deciding aforesaid cadre restricting for Announcers in AIR, the approved guidelines issued by DOP&T, had been followed.
Since it is proposed to upgrade the entry grade pay-scale of Announcers as Rs. 6,500-10,500(Pre-revised) by merging the three pre-revised pay scales of Rs. 5,000-8,000, Rs. 5,500-9,000 & Rs. 6,500-10,500, the competent authority may consider recommending the following cadre structure in respect of Announcers in AIR on the line of the 3 grade structure already available for News Reader-cum-Translator of AIR (entry grade NRT Grade III Rs. 6,500–10,500 (Pre-revised), next higher grade NRT Grade II Rs. 10,000-15,200 (Pre-revised) and the next higher grade NRT Grade I Rs. 12,000-16,500(Pre-revised), keeping in view the distinctive nature of services rendered by them and also the need for retaining the already available avenue for their career progression:-
(a) Announcer Grade – III/Jr. Presenter : 587 :
Rs. 9,300-34,800 + G.P. Rs. 4,600
(Rs.6,50010,500) (PB-2)
(b) Announcer Grade – II/Sr. Presenter  : 300 :
Rs. 15,600-39,100 + G.P. Rs. 6,600
(Rs.10,00015,200) (PB-3)
(c) Announcer Grade – I/Chief Presenter: 100 :
Rs. 15,600-39,100 + G.P. Rs. 7,600
(Rs.12,00016,500) (PB-3)
It has already been clarified in the proposal for cadre Review of Announcers of AIR under the chapter on financial implication involved in the proposal that no creation of posts of Announcers is envisaged in the proposal for restructuring of cadre. Additional Expenditure if any, involved in implementation of the proposal may not have to be actually incurred, as 429 posts in various grades are lying vacant at present.
The net annual financial implication of Rs.521 Crores can at present be deemed to have already been offset to a considerable extent by the financial implication already involved in grant of 1st and 2nd ACP benefit to 137 and 147 Announcers Grade IV and Grade III respectively, besides similar unavoidable financial implication involved in grant of 3rd, 2nd and 1st MACP benefit to 23, 332 and 70 more Announcers on completion of 30, 20 & 10 years of regular service respectively.

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Orissa Unit of Akashvani Announcers' Association strongly condemn the PSA Cadre Review Proposal that Announcers are dying cadre.