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NEW DELHI-110 001
                                                                                                  Dated : 25.02.99
      The employees belonging to certain cadres in All India Radio and Doordarshan (particularly,subordinate engineering and programme cadres )had been agitating for grant of higher scales of pay than those recommended by the Vth Central Pay Commission and accepted vide Government of India resolution of 30th September,1997. The matter has been carefully considered by the Government and it has been decided to further upgrade the scales of pay of the categories of employees of All India Radio and Doordarshan,of Prasar Bharati(Broadcasting Corporation of India) as indicated against each category in Annexure-I.
2. The grant of revised pay scales as mentioned in para 1 above will be subject to the following conditions:
(i) The upgraded scales will be allowed not as Govt. employees per se but as Government employees currently in service of Prasar Bharati(Broadcasting Corporation of India). As and when the employees,presently working in All India Radio and Doordarshan are asked to exercise their option,those employees who do not opt for Prasar Bharati will revert as Government servants and will no longer be entitled to above scales. They will also have to refund all benefits availed of by them as a result of the grant of higher scales of pay. They will be liable to recovery of all such benefits. An undertaking in the proforma given at Annexure-II to this effect has to be submitted by each and every employee concerned before availing the benefit of upgraded scales of pay. This is in accordance with their agreement with the Government to avail these upgraded scales on this condition only.
(ii) Upgraded pay scales would be effective from 1.1.1996 but payment of salary to employees as per upgraded scales of pay will be made with effect from 1st march,1999.
(iii) The employees concerned will be entitled to arrears with effect from 1st January, 1996 and these arrears will be paid in instalments. The first instalment of the arrears pertaining to the period from November 1997 till February 1999 will be paid by April, 1999. The second instalment pertaining to remainder of the arrears ( i.e. arrears from 1.1.1996 to October, 1997) will be paid by April, 2000. The payment of arrears shall be made after adjustment of the amount already paid to the categories of Technicians, Senior Technicians, Engineering  Assistants and Senior Engineering Assistants on the basis of this Ministry’s office Memorandum No. 310/173/ 97-B(D) dated 5.12.1997.
(iv) In addition, the pay of those employees of All India Radio and Doordarshan who had been working as Transmission Executives as on 1.1.1978 or afterwards would be notionally fixed in the pay scales of Rs. 550-800 with effect from 1.1.1978 and in the pay scale of Rs.2000-3200 with effect from 1.1.1986 before fixing their pay in the upgraded pay scale as on 1.1.1996. But as per their agreement with the Government this will not entitle them to any payment of arrears for the period prior to 1.1.1996 and will be limited to fixation of their current pay as on 1.1.1996.
3. The pay fixation in the upgraded scales of pay shall be done as provided in CCS(RR) Rules,1997.
4. The benefit of the upgraded pay scales will be available to existing incumbents only and those new direct recruits who join after issuance of these orders will not be entitled to these scales, but will be governed by pay scales recommended by the Vth Pay Commission. However all promotions of existing incumbents shall be made in upgraded scales only.
5. Further, Prasar Bharati (DG:AIR and DG:DD) are also requested to identify the posts in the grades of Helper, Diesel Engine Driver, Diesel Technicians and Mast Technicians ,Zone wise, for placing them in the upgraded scales of pay in order of seniority as per the percentage of posts shown against each category in Annexure-I. The number of posts in higher scales of pay shall be with reference to the sanctioned strength indicated in Annexure-I against each post.
6. This issue with approval of Integrated Finance Wing vide their u.o. No.245/99/Fin.I dated 23.2.1999.
                                                                         (PRAVIN SRIVASTAVA)
                                                                                DIRECTOR (BP)
                                                                                TELE : 3384547

1.CEO Prasar Bharati, New Delhi.
2.Prasar Bharati ( DG:AIR-Shri H.M.Joshi, E-in-C ).
3.Prasar Bharati ( DG:DD-Shri B K De, E-in-C ).
4.Chief Controller of Accounts  Min. of I&B]
5.P&AO(IRLA), Min.of  I&B
  AGCR Bldg. ,N. Delhi .
6.All P&AOs , AIR/DD .
7.Shri Bachchu Singh Meena , President , ARTEE.
8.Shri K.K. Choudhary , Gen. Secy. , ADTEA.
9.Shri S.P.Singh ,Gen. Secy. , PSA.
10.All Stations/Kendras of  AIR/DD
     Through DG:AIR/DG:DD.
11.Shri Yogendra Pal , Dir (E) , AIR.
12.Shri V.K.Aggarwal , Dir (E) ,D
                                                                                    (SUMAN CHATTERJEE)
                                                                                        SECTION OFFICER
                                                                                          TELE : 3389695

 1                   2                          3                         4                                5
S.No. Category of posts     No. of posts     Pay scale granted          Upgraded Scale
                                                                  as per vth pay                of pay(Rs.)
1.   Assistant Engineer            1756            6500-10500                     7500-12000
    (including AEs in CCW)     (+)322
2.   Sr.Engineering Assistant   2054             5500-9000                      7450-11500
3.   Engineering Assistant       4245             5000-8000                      6500-10500
4.   Senior Technician             1580             4500-7000                      5000- 8000
5.   Technician                       2946             4000-6000                      4500- 7000
6.   Diesel Technician               140             4000-6000                      4000- 6000
                                                                                                     (15%of posts)
                                                                                                     (20%of posts)
7.   Mast Technician                  70                                                   5000-8000
                                                                                                     (65%of posts)
8.   Diesel Engine Driver           130             3050-4590                      3050-4590
                                                                                                     (75%of posts)
                                                                                                     (25%of posts)
9.   Helper                             1312              2650-4000                      2650-4000
                                                                                                     (75%of posts)
                                                                                                     (25%of posts)
10.  Programme   Executive    1961             6500-10500                     7500-12000
11.  Transmission Executive   1841             5000- 8000                      6500-10500

Hereby accept the upgraded scales granted vide Ministry of Information and Broadcasting’s order No.310/173/97-B(D) dated 25.2.1999 on the terms and conditions stipulated in para 2 thereof and undertake to refund all payments including arrears received by me with effect from 1.1.1996 on this account in the event of my not opting to become an employee of Prasar Bharati whenever I am asked to exercise such an option.

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